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Discovering Mathematics is a college-level Liberal Arts Mathematics course designed in collaboration with the Smart Sparrow Adaptive Learning platform. 
If you are looking to adapt a corequisite math course for students not enrolled in a STEM pathway major, Discovering Mathematics is the ideal corequisite solution for your classes.
It's rich, interactive graphics and adaptive learning format works well for students placed within a corequisite math course.
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Approximately 52% of incoming college students will start their college career in math remediation - prerequisite coursework that costs thousands of dollars but doesn't count toward a degree.

For most of these students, remediation will be their first and last college experience - a reality that is disproportionately true for low-income students and students of color.

Corequisite Support
Inherent in the

Corequisite support allows students who need additional support in college-level math to enroll in those credit-bearing courses and receive extra help.

This is where the Smart Sparrow Adaptive Learning platform accompanied by Discovering Mathematics comes in... the inherent nature of the Smart Sparrow platform provides the necessary coaching as students work through problems.

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Discovering Mathematics

is filled with over 1,000 "pages" of creative instruction, dynamic design content, interactive graphics, and student-relevant assessment powered by the Smart Sparrow adaptive learning platform.

Completely web-based, it can be used as a stand-alone platform or integrated seamlessly with most Learning Management Systems. It works effortlessly with tablet computers and is compatible with most smartphones. And it is easily used as an online course as well.

It's easy to see how Discovering Mathematics is improving student performance and how it can work for your corequisite or online classes; simply click here.


At only $8 per chapter, covering the standard 4-5 chapters per semester, Discovering Mathematics is very affordable for your students.


When utilized as an online course, instructors have seen a 30% increase in transfer credits compared to standard online math courses.


Through use of the adaptive learning platform, students are coached to think clearly and carefully, building critical thinking skills.


Our Knowledge Analytics provide educators with powerful insight into what students are learning and how. You can analyze an entire class’s performance as well as pinpoint problem areas for each student.